“Outer Banks” Season 2 has a major “Dawson’s Creek” parallel

Warning: This story contains season 2 spoilers Outer Banks..

A teenage drama set in North Carolina, with a stunning stream because the background isn’t a groundbreaking idea at all. 1998, Kevin Williamson With the same settings, I created one of the most popular teen drama ever. Dawson’s Creek Filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, chasing a group of children throughout high school, simply trying to fit.

Still, season 1 Outer Banks When the Pogues and Cook, Joey Potter’s family and the rich guests of the marina confronted each other in the town and searched for gold, they managed to come up with something fresh. During the treasure hunt, Summer love has blossomed..

Katie Holmes from “Dawson’s Creek”. WB

Each drama started the sophomore season with the main couple together. Joey (Katie Holmes) And Dawson (James Van der Beak) Finding their way beyond friendship, approaching the season, temporarily splitting, and reuniting until her family got in the way. In the middle of the season, her dad, Mike, returned from prison. He wasn’t a murderer — and certainly the Outer Banks Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) But he had a dark history of drugs. And when he returned to Capeside, the habit began to recover.

At the end of Season 2, Dawson (in the form of a true Dawson) does what he believes to be right. After catching the microphone (Gareth Williams) When he goes into the drug trade again, Joey and her friends almost die from the fire because of it. Mike doesn’t let himself go, so Dawson forces Joey to do it for him. She does so and lets him confess while wearing the wire. At the end of the season, Dawson and Joey talk in her garden with a stream in the distance.

Comparison of Joey Doson Outer Banks

Joey and Dawson from “Dawson’s Creek”. WB

“I hope one day my dad will be able to forgive all this. I don’t know if I can forgive myself, but I know I will never forgive you.” She said during the 1999 episode. “There are certain situations where love cannot be overcome.”

Flashforward 22 years later and Season 2 Outer Banks Find Sarah (Madelyn Cline) Return to town and tell his father that he intends to testify to him and Raff (Drew Star Key) To clear John B.Chase Stokes) name. She says that if her dad had to hand over her brother for killing the sheriff-what the town believed John B. did-he would never see her again.

Later in the season, John B. was arrested and she apparently fought to kick him out and chose him instead of lying for his father and brother. After all, his friend proved his innocence and she’s happy, but when police attack his house and see her dad’s boat, which looks like he’s on board, blows up, Sarah. Will collapse.

Outer Banks Madelyn Cline Dawson's Creek Comparison

Madelyn Cline of “Outer Banks”. Netflix

John B. believes that Ward killed his father (Big John somehow survived and was hiding, which proved untrue by the end of the season), so John B. It doesn’t look sad to see him burn, but his girlfriend collapses in a sob.

During episode 7, Sarah tells John B something very similar to what Joey said to Dawson — while they are standing in the dock.

“I just think too much happened. I thought, among all people, you would understand what it’s like to lose a dad. , And I needed you, “she says. “NS I just think it’s too complicated.. … Sometimes it’s just not intended to be. “

Dawson and Joey didn’t reunite romantically until the end of many seasons, but Sarah and John B. return together before the end of the season — and Ward is still (shockingly) alive.

Outer Banks Season 2 is currently being streamed on Netflix.

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“Outer Banks” Season 2 has a major “Dawson’s Creek” parallel

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