Outpouring of support after two Lakewood teens killed in crash – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-02-23 22:05:13 –

Lakewood, Ohio (WJW) – The community is united to help a sad family of two. A teenager died in a horrific crash.. The driver, who was arrested and charged in the crash, was released from prison.

The two 19-year-old parents who died in the crash didn’t want to talk on the camera, but wanted the world to know that their two promising lives were shortened. Maximus Close and Alejandro Mercado both graduated at the age of 19. Lakewood High school in 2020. My parents grew up together from the first grade and said they were best friends.

Both were enrolled in college and studied engineering. Alejandro was studying to become a civil engineer at the University of Toledo, and Max was studying electrical engineering at Cleveland State University.

“Familiar and popular in the community. They had their entire life before them, and there really isn’t anything like this, a tragedy, a real way to explain it.” Cpt said. Gary Stone of the Lakewood Police Station.

At around 2:20 am on Sunday, street cameras show that a teenager is waiting at a stop sign and is about to turn left at Clifton Boulevard from Fry Avenue, according to Lakewood police. Police said the Toyota Camry overtook another vehicle at Clifton.

“According to preliminary research, the first unit was driving fast on Clifton Boulevard and didn’t seem to have the lights on when approaching the fly,” Stone said.

Investigators couldn’t see Toyota apparently coming, saying the teens had turned around. The video will stop before the collision.

“Unit 1 hit the vehicle diagonally with a fly, causing serious damage to both vehicles and killing two people in a car accident,” Stone said.

The impact broke the car in half. Max and Alejandro died in the crash. An 18-year-old friend in the passenger seat survived. Lakewood police arrested a Toyota driver, 23-year-old Serena Colon from North Royalton.

Colon was released in bonds on Tuesday afternoon. She faces several crimes, including two counts of drunk driving and worsened vehicle murder. Her first appearance is next week.

“She was taken to a hospital and police station, and then got two counts of arrest warrants for worse vehicle murders,” Stone said.

Max’s father said he had just bought a Subaru that he was driving the weekend before the crash. His parents said he believed Max had just quit his job and picked up Alejandro, who lives just above the street from the crash.

“The intersection, the area is not a high-traffic area in Lakewood … it’s probably a driving, speed hindrance, and the lack of vehicle lights only led to this terrible car accident,” Stone said. Said.

Max and Alejandro’s parents said they were both organ donors. They said they were so close that they were going to have a funeral together.

Their parents receive a lot of community support, including a GoFundMe page set up to help them. In the case of Max Close And For Alejandro Melcard..

Outpouring of support after two Lakewood teens killed in crash Source link Outpouring of support after two Lakewood teens killed in crash

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