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This week’s mini segment This is new england, Latia had the opportunity to meet an extraordinary teen.Alton Jenkins Boston Boys & Girls ClubYouth of the Year. He is also the Youth of the Year for all Boys and Girls clubs in Massachusetts. Their conversation is as follows:

Ratya: You are a senior at Weston High School and a member of the Yorkie Boys & Girls Club in Roxbury. How long have you been there and what kind of programs have you participated in?

Alton: I’ve been a member of this club for the last 12 years and at least I don’t think there’s a program I’ve never stepped into. I definitely started along the leadership pipeline. Young Leaders, Torch Club, Keystone … I started my first basketball program here at Manny Wilson Educational Basketball Program. Young Men’s Club, Music Program, Everything is.

Ratya: Alton, I was reading … a quote from you talking about the club. You called it your home. Please tell me a little more about it. What makes you feel like you’re at home?

Alton: What distinguishes a club from the city of Boston, and honestly to me, from other parts of the world, is that it’s not just an after-school place. Children until parents and schools come to pick them up later. It’s not just a place to send out. It’s exactly where you can harness and unleash all your creative energy and all your passion for what you want to achieve in the world.

Ratya: In particular, Alton, who is part of the magic of your club, is its leader. Please tell me about her.

Alton: Andrea Swain. One and only. There is no other person in the world like her. She has been the leader of my village since I passed through the main gate of the club here when I was six. And she continues to lead responsibility while I’m transitioning to post-secondary success, and everyone who follows her instructions is on the path to success and greatness. Without her leadership, I wouldn’t have been in front of you today.

Ratya:definitely. How did the club affect your life?

Alton: Honestly, it gave me the foundation and vision for future success. I knew that college was always in front of me and my parents and family wanted me to achieve it, but that was a long way to go. It’s about testing, taking tests, doing well, and making the university more accessible.

Watch the video above to see Alton’s reaction to the Youth of the Year award, what comes with this honor, and Alton’s future plans.

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Outstanding Teen Recognized by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and MA – NBC Boston Source link Outstanding Teen Recognized by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and MA – NBC Boston

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