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The Oro Valley city council met in person on Wednesday, September 8, for the first time since the pandemic struck Arizona and made new changes to the city’s water laws.

In the newly refurbished city council meeting room, Peter Abraham, head of the Oro Valley water system, spoke directly about the importance of amending water legislation to reflect conservation efforts.

Abraham said the September 8 vote was the final step into the multi-year process.

“We wanted the population to be aware of this resource and use their water when they thought it was appropriate,” Abraham said.

This amendment redefines the meaning of water waste, penalties for water law violations, and restrictions that may apply in the event of water shortages.

The amendment to the Water Law is a positive response to the recent declaration of water shortages made by US authorities on August 16, when authorities reported that Lake Mead, the largest reservoir on the Colorado River, hit a record low. Lake Mead water is supplied to the Central Arizona Project (CAP), which supplies most of the water to Arizona. However, this declaration affects primarily Arizona farmers, not residents.

Residents are barely touched on new shortages, but updating the water code provides tools for Oro Valley water operators to implement conservation and compliance in the event of a water shortage for CAP residents. increase.

Abraham expressed little concern about water scarcity in the Oro Valley community and said he expected it to never meet water demand. However, in the event of a water shortage, the new Water Act allows water operators in Oro Valley to set new usage restrictions and enforce compliance through fines or outages. Code’s new penalties for wasting water will become increasingly severe for customers who continue to avoid utility warnings.

This code also contains a new definition of wasting water.

“The residents emailed us a photo.” Hey, every morning I went to this store and their irrigation was messed up. “Their irrigation was flowing down the street and it recurred. If so, it’s wasting textbook water, “Abraham said.

According to the code draft, the utility will begin to penalize customers by notifying residents several times before imposing a fine on their accounts. The fine starts at $ 100 and doubles the monthly fee if water usage is not reduced. The utility can then consider cutting off the customer’s water supply.

Mayor Joe Winfield urged Abraham to consider implementing an incentive program for water conservation.

“The notebook is the best incentive,” said Abraham. The Oro Valley Water Authority has a gradual commodity rate that offers a minimum monthly fee to customers who use 0 to 7,000 gallons of water per month. Still, most water customers in Oro Valley fall into this bracket.

Winfield has asked Abraham to consider introducing a new incentive program for water customers.

OV Council votes for changes in town’s water code | Business Source link OV Council votes for changes in town’s water code | Business

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