Overdose of teens is increasing in Scott County – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-22 19:28:08 –

Georgetown, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Addiction recovery coaches are worried that trends are heading in the wrong direction.

This may be especially targeted at children. They say they see young people overdose in Scott County. One of the problems could be a teenager trying to self-medicate.

Recovery coach Corey Councill talks about overdose by more teens and young adults. So far in 2021, 31 people between the ages of 16 and 25 have overdose in Scott County. Last year, only eight people in that age group overdose.

“Children buy them from another child, you just don’t know what it is,” the council said.

The Council says this is not a new discussion. He says for a long time the message was not to take more difficult drugs like stimulants and heroin. Yes, of course, but the conversation is a little different.

“We talked about that, its implications, and before and after. [of heroin and methamphetamine]But now it’s a prescription drug, which just changes the game, “said the Council.

The council added that the concern was that children were trying to self-medicate and buy pills on friends and social media.

“It’s sometimes difficult for police officers to tell if it’s fake or genuine,” the council says. “People get these presses and look like Xanax.”

“You won’t know unless your doctor gives you a prescription with your name on it,” he added.

That’s because you can mix fentanyl with your friends and those you buy online. Experts say fentanyl is about 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine.

“Generally, we see a few overdose a week, a non-fatal overdose, but a few weeks ago we had a double-digit overdose,” says Councill.

He fears that this increase hasn’t ended, even though he still has about 10 weeks left in the year.

“As the holidays approach, we expect it to skyrocket,” he says.

His big message is that parents talk to their children and monitor social media.

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