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Vehicle “air circulation button” function

((((KODE) —This is a button that most people at least glance at in their car’s air conditioning dashboard, do you know its purpose?

The “air recirculation button” has several functions. We mainly deal with vehicle air conditioning systems.

In most cars, trucks and SUVs, the air recirculation button is easily identifiable and its symbol represents a semicircle inside the outline of the vehicle.

Many people say they know the button, but they don’t know when to turn it on or off.

The air conditioning feature on the 2018 Ford Escape’s central dashboard features an air recirculation button.

According to Tabitha Ruhl, Manager of Joplin Transmission and Auto Center, pressing this single button on the vehicle’s air conditioning dashboard shuts off the outside air into the vehicle and “recirculates” the air inside the vehicle.

This allows conditioned air to be recirculated instead of hot air from the outside.

As summer approaches, Ruhl said the air recirculation button boosts AC and helps cool the car’s cabin as soon as possible.

Another function of this air conditioning system is to prevent pollution and exhaust fumes from entering the vehicle.

Activating this button will also help significantly reduce pollen while driving. This is a big plus if you are suffering from outdoor allergens.

In the video below, Ruhl summarizes the vehicle’s air recirculation button and shows how using it can save gas costs.

“The button works by helping the car recirculate the cold air from the AC from the moment it is turned on. If you choose not to use the button, the car will draw in air from the outside and already around you. We need to cool the air twice as much as it is chilled, “Ruhl said.

The air recirculation button works with the vehicle’s air conditioning system and is recommended for use when the outside temperature exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Video: An overview of the air recirculation button and its features

“If you don’t turn on the air recirculation button, the car’s air conditioner constantly cools the warm air from outside the car, you have to do more work and put more stress on the blower and air compressor,” Ruhl said. Mr. says. ..

Another advantage of using the air recirculation feature is that it saves gas.

“If the air conditioner is set to recirculate the air in the room, the car will usually be more fuel efficient. Keeping the same air cool means that the hot air will continue to cool from the outside. It requires less energy than that, ”Ruhl said.

The recirculate button is great during the summer, but it may be best to avoid it in the winter or when the windows are cloudy.

“It’s best not to turn on that button whenever you’re using defrosting, and using it while the heater is on has no effect on the vehicle,” Ruhl said. Mr. says.

Overlooked button on your car may help save on gas Source link Overlooked button on your car may help save on gas

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