Overtime: This kickball is on a ‘Whole ‘Nother Level!’ – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2021-10-23 10:49:20 –

“Blackout” The name of this kickball team playing in the Steel City Kickers League in Pittsburgh.

Bill Neale, New Pittsburgh Courier

From the first kick you know it is true. This kickball is at “a completely different level”.

In fact, before that, the update is locked: “This isn’t your grandma’s kickball!”

Let’s get this back to the beginning … as you know, I can be at the end of the party … but when you get to the party, it’s happening, so don’t twist too much! Anyway, my partner “Smokin Jim” Frazier had to give me a flashback reminder. It was more than a year ago that a female kickballer participated in the sports show “Champions Live” at the Walnut Grill in Fox Chapel. But of course, COVID wiped it out of the memory banks I talked about. Needless to say, I was surprised and impressed with all of them. I was invited to the game but didn’t follow up.

When I flashforwarded in mid-2021, my cousin Ruvenia Dudley and my daughter Carmen Chapman pulled my coat to find out what was happening. It moved the wheels.

Fortunately, I participated in the championship game. But unfortunately, my cousin coach Jay Calfy Sr. and his son JJ and their team “Blackout” bring one to the final champion “Renegade” with a “shin”. I was in time to see him go. It should be noted that the blackout was a league champion.

Now you are catching up. But wait a minute … wait a minute! Not only that. The smell of competition and the sweet taste of victory are all. And if you allow me to enter, I know something about this kind of competition. I am the man who created and ran the nationally recognized Connie Hawkins Pro / AM Summer Basketball League. (I know it’s a shameless plug, but as my grandfather Robert Gore says, “it’s a poor dog that doesn’t shake his own tail.”)

“Rene Gade” The name of this kickball team playing in the Steel City Kickers League in Pittsburgh.

When I pulled it up, I couldn’t find a parking space, so I realized something special was happening … Going forward, it hit me loudly and clearly. Music, the smell of “our” food, the crowd, the noise, the sellers, the uniforms … this is a neighborhood doing something good. And most importantly, the family atmosphere was fully functional.

This wonderful operation is said to have been established here in Pittsburgh by the late great Easha Sheard, who died too early, but it was entrusted to the mother-daughter combo of Barbara Moore and Mylia Jackson. The “Pittsburgh Way” of our way has begun!

With the championship in the history book, Steel City Kickers turned to next season.

A new season “kick” from June 5th. The team can register by contacting Jackson (412-795-4904) or by emailing steelcitykickers@gmail.com. The team can consist of up to 17 players over the age of 18 and of course there is a registration fee.

My recommendation … Lock this for summer fun. You will not regret it. Who knows, you might want to kick your heels and play a little !!!!

Overtime: This kickball is on a ‘Whole ‘Nother Level!’ Source link Overtime: This kickball is on a ‘Whole ‘Nother Level!’

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