Own what Gear Road & Track Editor-at-Large brings to the track


Road & truckThe editors in general have some serious track experience under his belt. At the age of 12 Travis Okuruski I started chasing the top with a cart. Then, at the age of 16, he bought a slightly larger cart. 1996 Mazda Miata..Travis has poured this love of racing into his career in the automotive media for the past six years. R & T.

Okuruski drives in endurance races several times a year and offers a variety of pilots. BMW And Mazda Around circuits such as Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen, along with vehicle tests he conducts for functionality and review. He knows his way around the track day.

That’s why he needed to get his gear expertise on track. So be sure to bring some of these things before driving the big winged money hole to your local race track. Experts say so.

This is what our professional vehicle testers have in his bag

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Composite racing helmet

“You don’t need an expensive carbon helmet. It’s just what you need. This Stilo has built-in communication and water, as well as an extraction system in case of an accident. It’s perfect for sedan races and enduro.”

Racing suits, gloves, shoes

Pro Ultra Lite HANS device

“Game changer. Any model is fine. If you’ve been in the car for a long time, a light model is good.”

Compact air circulator fan

“If you can bring it, putting a helmet on such a fan after a stint will make it much more comfortable and much less odor after a race weekend.”

SPF 50 sunscreen spray

“There is no shade on the racetrack. Please protect yourself.”

Race monitor app

Race monitor

“Keep track of your competitors with this handy app.”

Snap + Juice Pack Mini Charger

“Checking competition, texting up-to-date information to family and friends, and scanning Instagram when you’re not in your stint can strain your battery.”

Original Wayfarer polarized sunglasses

“You are outside. Protect your eyes. Polarized lenses can help you even more.”

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Own what Gear Road & Track Editor-at-Large brings to the track

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