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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Historical homeowners noticed that they were changing homes without proper permission, and some of their neighbors felt that the home’s original charm had been lost. The homes away from coal and Arno have undergone a complete refurbishment that is inconsistent with cottages, Victorian homes and even other parts of the Huning Highlands area with California bungalows.

The homeowner said there was a reason he didn’t get the permit first. “It was mainly due to problems with the structure and safety of the house. So, as I said, time was important, so I had to go for these repairs.” Said homeowner Donald Mercer.

Mercer added that it was last winter that he replaced wooden windows with vinyl, restyled columns, stairs and siding, and began installing concrete block walls along coal. He said he was approached by his neighbors because of their concerns. He then submitted an application to the City Landmark Commission, which must approve the work of the house in this historic district, requesting approval of the work already underway.

According to an online record in April, the commission approved his request to change homes, but told him that it had to meet the historic characteristics of Hanning Highlands.Specifically, you need to get a permit, cover the walls with plaster, and make further adjustments to the columns and windows.

The planning department encourages people to improve their homes, but tells them to check in to the city to make sure they comply with zoning standards. “It’s financially easy. It’s mentally much easier for people to explain the types of hoops they have to jump over than to contact us and work and ask for forgiveness after the fact.” Planning Director Brennon Williams said.

According to Mercer, the initial repair cost was about $ 80,000. He suspects that reworking the work requested by the Landmark Commission will return at least an additional $ 50,000.

The planning department said Mercer had appealed to the Commission’s decision. He will hold a hearing later this summer. Other historic preservation overlay areas in the city are Silver Hill, East Downtown, Ace and Forester, Fourth Ward, and Old Town.

Owner asked to redo historic home upgrades to meet Huning Highland standards Source link Owner asked to redo historic home upgrades to meet Huning Highland standards

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