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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-20 01:42:31 –

Wyatt Tofte, 13, and his grandmother died in a 2020 Labor Day wildfire.

Wyatt Toft, 13, died in a wildfire near Lions on September 9, 2020. (Courtesy: Coby Bertalotto)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —Public utilities have denied the negligence of the devastating wildfire that struck Santiam Canyon in September 2020.

An unprecedented worker’s day wildfire burned more than a million acres and killed 11 people. In September, the surviving relatives of the four victims filed two separate proceedings accusing PacifiCorp of negligence.

One of the proceedings Submitted by parents of 71-year-old grandmother Peggy Mosso and 13-year-old Wyatt Tofte, who died with his dog on September 9, 2020. His mother, Angie Mosso, was discovered by her husband — crawling along the road and burning unrecognizable.

A family lawsuit against Pacific Power said that companies “knew or should have known the extreme fire hazards posed by being energized by power lines, when they knew or should have been fully powered by power lines. I couldn’t cut it. “

so 20-page answer dated October 7, Pacific Power agrees that Santiam Fire was launched as a result of the Beachie Creek Fire caused by a lightning strike. However, the company said, “Even if there was damage, it was caused by an unavoidable accident or the act of God.”

Pacific Power also denied liability, saying the injured occurred a few miles outside its service area.

NS Second proceeding He also claims negligence and demands a jury trial against Pacific Power, which was raised by a man who lost his 41-year-old brother and 71-year-old mother in a beach creek fire.

KOIN 6 News has contacted a family lawyer for comment, but has not yet responded.

Pacific Power denies liability in deadly 2020 wildfires Source link Pacific Power denies liability in deadly 2020 wildfires

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