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Pacioretty leads Golden Knights’ scoring barrage against Coyotes – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-04 01:15:00 –

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Vegas Golden Knights left-wing Max Passioretti (67), Arizona Coyotes goalkeeper Karel Vezimerka (70) during the second NHL hockey game in Glendale, Arizona, Friday, December 3, 2021. ) Scored a goal.

There were no deflections, flashy decks, or out-of-position goals to make it easy to tap in either of the Max Passioretti goals. He defeated the goalkeeper twice cleanly, showing the league what Golden Knights lacked in his absence.

Passioretti scored once in power play and once in breakaway. This is part of the Golden Knights goal barrage against the final-ranked Arizona Coyotes, a 7-1 victory at the Gila River Arena on Friday.

“He’s an elite goal scorer,” said Pete Devoa. “You put the pack on the stick with a little leeway and put such a person, and there are a lot of people who can’t put the pack on the net, and he’s one person who doesn’t need a lot of opportunities is. “

It was exactly the kind of game Las Vegas needed. The Golden Knights lost two or three games in a row and needed a low-stress game that would make the team breathe. This was a paper mismatch, even for teams like Vegas who are still finding their feet, as Arizona played in the NHL with the worst scoring rates and goal differences.

It turned out to be a mismatch even on ice. Jonathan Marcheso played 2-1 against Nicholas Roy, scoring a goal in less than a minute after Coyote, and Pasioletteti’s first goal before the end of the period with a 2-1 lead. I decided.

Second, things got out of hand. Chandler Stephenson scored in the Golden Knights short hand. This was the third goal in the last two games. Later, Pasio Letti added a second goal as his penalty expired and he was free to see from the goal. Michael Amadio scored his first goal as the Golden Knights, Evgeny Dadonov scored his sixth, and Vegas led 6-1 after two periods. Nicholas Roy added the 7th in the final frame.

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Michael Amadio, 22, of the Golden Knights Center, celebrates his goal with Arizona Coyotez on Friday, December 3, 2021, during the second period of the NHL Hockey Game in Glendale, Arizona.

“The boys were dominant,” said goalkeeper Laurent Brosoit. “The boys were great. They eased me tonight, and it’s always great to get such a decisive victory.”

Pasio Letti’s goal was his vintage self. He scored twice on the opening night and then broke his leg and missed the next 17 games. He came back last week with an assist in the first two games. Then, on Wednesday, he lost to the ducks and returned to the goal line.

And on Friday, he whipped his trademark restructuring twice. On the first goal, he set up just outside the right face-off circle, stepped into it, and fired a laser between goalkeeper Karel Vejmelka’s pad and blocker. It may be a save that the goalkeeper should make, but it’s easier to say than when Pasio Letti is shooting.

Then in the second period, he collected Markstone’s outlet passes in an escape from the penalty box, found himself one-on-one with Veggie Merca again, and hit him clean again. He didn’t elicit a special shootout move, he just shot high at the blocker. Vejmelka never worked.

Pastainetti has scored 5 goals and 9 points in 6 games this season.

“Max is a big part of our attack. He is our most talented goal scorer,” Marchesaw said. “It’s great that he’s back. I definitely feel his presence, not only aggressively, but physically.”

Vegas defeated Coyote, Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens. These teams are the only teams in the league with a point rate of less than .300 and a total score of 16-4. The Golden Knights are doing their job against the worst teams in the league.

Next Sunday night is Calgary Flames, which leads the Pacific Division by total points.

The Knights recorded the best of the season with most of the goals in the game, with a six-goal victory margin of the season. What exactly should we do for the last team in the league?

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