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In the first half of Monday night, the Green Bay Packers seemed to have learned nothing since the disappointing half of Saints, but some savvy half-time adjustments and Career Day from Aaron Jones right the ship. And the reconstruction of the Lions led to a compelling victory.

Last week, Saints managed to thwart Aaron Rodgers with a combination of two consistent, safe looks, a slow pace, and most importantly, winning a lead. The best way to break the look of the Cover-2 is simply to run the ball for added safety, but Green Bay couldn’t (or hoped for) last week because they were lagging behind. Did not). This week they trusted Aaron Jones. His rush was essential to moving the ball between his twenties, and his receive and ability to create a yard after catch allowed Rogers to finish the drive with a short touchdown reception. After receiving touchdowns from former badger Quintess Sephas and tight-end TJ Hockenson, Lions entered half-time with a three-point lead, but a body shot from Jones was the second knockout from Aaron Rodgers. Open the punch.

In half-time, Rogers averaged only 3 yards in a single attempt. Almost every first half pass was a safe checkdown under the Lions Cover 2 Shell. In the second half, Rogers skipped it and kicked off with an average of 13.2 air yards per pass, a 50-yard bomb to Davante Adams, and 22-yard darts to Robert Tonyan. Rogers looked like another player when he connected with Adams. This was consistent with the Lions losing their only decent corner, Ifare Tomerifon Wu, injured. Adams finished the game at 121 yards with eight catches, and Randall Cobb chipped at 26 yards with three catches in his first extended action with the team.

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Defense is still struggling

The attack took a big step, but the defense still struggled from time to time. They threw a shutout in the second half and were forced to make two turnovers, helped by bad weather and some failed snaps from the center by the Lions, which may not have happened in more ideal situations. No. The Packers also recorded the first sack of the season, but it was awarded to the entire team, not because it was an individual player, but because Goff failed himself before being contacted by the Packers.

The Packers have played two games with individual players without a sack, but this is the fifth time the team has started the season without players since 2010. Overall, it’s not a quick fix issue. Pass rush is a problem throughout the season. The Packers have begun to put more pressure on Goff with a half-time adjustment from Matt Laflua, who ordered new defensive coordinator Joe Barry to increase his rusher. Blitz will probably be needed, but it comes at a cost, especially for elite quarterbacks, as it puts extra pressure on the secondary to cover without additional people.

In that respect, Packers’ defense may have a solution for newcomer Eric Stokes. Stokes didn’t play much in the preseason and would dominate the secondary, but Kevin King kept the starting point and didn’t play much against Saints. But against Detroit, Stokes played 77% of the snaps, leading the team with a defensive pass and seemed outstanding. In the first two games, Kevin King allowed five completions with six targets of 133 yards. Stokes, on the other hand, was able to complete five targets once in just five yards. Scouts agree with the statistics as Stokes’ coverage grade in Pro Football Focus (76.4, the number of elites on their scale) is even higher than that of Jaire Alexander and much better than Kevin King’s 47.1 grade. increase.

If Stokes is above average or may be on the other side of Alexander, Joe Barry has more freedom in dialing blitzkrieg to make up for the lack of pass rushers, at least this defense. Can be above average.

Finally, the Packers added linebacker Debondle Campbell in the off-season. He may not be a superstar, but he is clearly better than the recent Packers linebackers. Despite the bad efforts of the defensive line in front of him, he was strong in the run and made a great pass cut in pass coverage in the second half of the fourth quarter. Campbell is exactly the type of solid and smart player that could have made a big difference in the defense of previous packers. Acquiring him was a wise move by the front office, and while it wasn’t the most flashy acquisition, it’s great to see the team add useful veteran depth.


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September 22, 2021

10:50 am

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