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Pacolet celebrates the completion of the Veterans Memorial Park – Valley Stream, New York

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Pacolet, South Carolina (WSPA) – A special project honoring Upstate veterans finally reached its finish line on Saturday after a four-year production period.

The Pacolet Veterans Memorial Park became official on Saturday afternoon. It is located between the Pacolet Library and Pacolet Elementary School.

Members of the Pacolet Lions Club set out a few years ago to realize the park in honor of the veterans in the area who served the country. This is the first time in the town of Spartanberg County.

Raising funds for the project has never been an easy task, and the Pacolet Lions Club relied solely on donations to make it possible. Today, they have celebrated the completion of that vision for many years.

Billy Gothlet, President of the Pacolet Lions Club, said: “And here Pacolet has a very rich heritage since before World War I.”

Spartanburg County School District 3 owns the land on which the park is located and allows free use.

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