Padres and the Nationals recall the “nightmare” scene after shooting during the game | MLB

Members of Washington Nationals San Diego Padres talked about the horrifying scene he witnessed after shooting outside Nationals Park during a Saturday night match.

Padres star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. bolted the left fielder line from the bench on Saturday night, helped open the gate to the stand, and began guiding the group to the shelter dug out.

“Our family, loved ones, little kids. It feels like someone needs to get them,” Tatis said on Sunday. “I feel like the safest place was the clubhouse. We were trying to take our family to a safe place.”

The upper half of the six innings of the Padres-Washington Nationals match ended in front of about 33,000 fans when some shots were heard from an incident on South Capitol Street just outside the stadium. .. But at this point, no one knew if the series of shots came from inside the stadium or beyond.

Padres manager Jayce Tingler was on his way to see referee Jordan Baker about a pitching change when the shot rang.

“He’s like,’Did you hear that?'” Tingler recalled Baker. “I’m like’yes, I think’, it’s probably like registering what it could be, and obviously it was just a nightmare.”

The chaotic scene has evolved rapidly. As the Padres cleared the field, some fans rushed out of the stadium and others tried to hide.

“Everyone is running. It was crazy. I couldn’t understand what was going on. If I had one or two,” Tatis said. “I was just going to the safest place and trying to take my family.”

Tatis and teammates Manny Machado and Wil Myers were praised for helping guide their fans away from danger.

“The situation changed quickly,” Tatis said. “There are no more players or fans. It feels like everyone is just a human being and humans are trying to be safe.”

The game was canceled and completed on Sunday, with the Padres winning 10-4.

According to Ashan Benedict, assistant police chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, the shooting was shot between people in two cars, injuring three people. It was a woman who was in the match and was beaten outside the stadium. Her injury is not considered life-threatening.

According to Benedict, two people in one of the cars went to a local hospital with a gunshot wound and were cross-examined by an investigator, but the extent of the injury was not immediately apparent. Investigators were still trying to find a second vehicle involved in the shooting.

When the shot was heard, Nationals manager Dave Martinez had confirmed that his player was safe.

“Then I started to worry about their family and tried to do everything I could to hand them over to the players,” Martinez said. “And I also started to worry about my fans.”

Seeing the reaction on the third base side of the stadium, the fans on the first base side also escaped from their seats. Some of them went down to the field.

“There were a lot of fans. They were in our dugout and I wanted to keep them safe,” Martinez said. “We tried to get them out of the tunnel, put them in safe, and keep them safe. For me, it was to do our best to protect our people and keep them calm.”

Like Tingler, Martinez became emotional about what happened the night before.
Minutes after hearing the shot, the incident was outside the park and a message was displayed on the national park scoreboard that fans should stay inside the park. Approximately 10 minutes later, fans were instructed to leave near the Center Gate and Lightfield Gate.

“We started receiving news that everything happened just outside the stadium,” Tingler said. “That’s when we started to feel a little better. It doesn’t feel better.”

Padres and the Nationals recall the “nightmare” scene after shooting during the game | MLB

Source link Padres and the Nationals recall the “nightmare” scene after shooting during the game | MLB

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