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Pain med prescriptions did not cause opioid epidemic, courts rule – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-24 23:15:01 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Five years after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began cracking down on opioid analgesics, experts concluded that this policy was a disastrous failure. Deaths from overdose are increasing rather than decreasing, and courts are now beginning to recognize that the arguments used to justify the crackdown are mostly fake.

“That is, these numbers only push these wrong numbers, and now you can call them in court,” said Dr. Dan Laird.

As a Las Vegas doctor, Laird has a unique perspective on assessing great opioid crackdowns. Laird is a pain management physician and lawyer representing patients who suffer from pain after being denied legal dosing.

Of the 50 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, about 20 million are dependent on prescription opioids and are trying to lead a rather normal life. Since 2016, these millions have been severely damaged by the war with legitimate painkillers.

“Patients with chronic pain are basically fighting for their lives,” Laird said. “They have been attacked by this for several years. A kind of overreaction to anti-opioid sentiment and the opioid crisis.”

Laird says the campaign against opioids is primarily about money. Over 1,500 civil proceedings have been filed against pharmaceutical companies by state and local governments, including Nevada, as authorities and lawyers are looking to settle billions of dollars. However, the proceedings accusing large pharmaceutical companies of being pollution, most of which caused the opioid epidemic, are beginning to collapse.

Inferior Court in California this month Filed a huge proceeding In a bitter opinion, he found that the underlying facts did not support the claim that 25% of opioid patients were addicted.And in Oklahoma, the Supreme Court of the State Reached a similar conclusion He argued that the benefits of opioids far outweigh the risks.

“But the story of the proceedings, the story that lawyers in the trial want to push forward, is that it is the prescribed opioids that are causing all these deaths. This significant increase in opioid deaths is caused by fentanyl. However, being a prescription opioid keeps hitting this drum and causing death, because it’s caused by a lawsuit by the people involved. Rather than talking about millions of dollars. So you’re talking about billions of dollars, so if it hurt a few chronic pain patients … and if they’re a sneak peek, you know, you’re a number to make an opioid. I think they’re looking at it because they have to break an egg, “Laird said.

However, prescription drugs are not the cause of the surge in deaths from overdose. In 2020, 90,000 overdose was recorded, with a significant increase, 87% of which was due to illegal street drugs, especially fentanyl and heroin, rather than prescription drugs. Prescription reductions did not work because patients with legal pain are not overdose.

Red Lawhern, one of the candid supporters of patients with chronic pain, says CC’s own statistics prove that the crackdown on prescription opioids is unjustified.

“Therefore, older people with the highest opioid prescriptions have the lowest mortality rate of 3: 1 associated with opioid overdose,” Lawhern told Mystery Wire. “Children under the age of 19 have the lowest prescription rates for opioids, and mortality from opioid-related overdose is three times higher than in the elderly.
So, what I’ve told people over the last four years is that the model that suggests that prescribing is the problem or cause of addiction cannot explain this demographic reversal. It’s not there, it’s never been there. In short, the statistics of the CDC itself show that the logic behind the 2016 guidelines is fake. It is not supported by the data reported by the CDC itself. However, the CDC chose to ignore the data and instead seek the views of selected people as anti-opioid advocates. They may even believe in the nonsense of what they speak. But they are lying through their teeth. ”

Studies show that less than 1% are addicted, instead of 25% as claimed in the proceedings. Millions of patients and their doctors who followed the rules were completely blocked or doses reduced. Suicide in those patients surged 470%, many of them painful veterans blocked by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Patients are starting to fight back By suing doctors and hospitals who refuse legitimate drugs.

The exact same anti-opioid crusade that created the CDC’s opioid crackdown in 2016 is also being scrutinized. Some are currently working as expert witnesses in litigation against major pharmaceutical companies.

“Andrew Kolodny, a psychiatrist without formal graduate education and pain management, is once again an expert witness. Oklahoma Proceedings Against Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals. His expert witness fee for the case was reportedly $ 500,000, so if you could get it, that would be a pretty good job, “Laird said.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a debate about whether doctors should be prosecuted for prescribing legitimate drugs, as long as they use “honest” criteria for prescribing. I agreed.

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