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Pair arrested after pipe bomb explodes in residential complex dumpster – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-15 18:00:22 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) – Metro police arrested two Oregon men in connection with the explosion of a dumpling pipe bomb in a condominium in Central Las Vegas earlier Wednesday. The explosion awakened some residents and knocked out a photo from the wall of a woman.

Police responded to the apartment after a major explosion was reported inside a dumpling in block 4600 in Kovallane shortly before 3 am.

Police armor and detectives from the Task Force on Counterterrorism in southern Nevada were called to the blast site. Police found a piece of pipe in the garage after the K9 unit completed the sweep and the scene was cleared.

Police got a security video from a neighbor. One of the videos shows the Chevrolet Suburban being pulled into the complex. Police later found the vehicle at a resort on East Harmon Avenue. Another surveillance showed that the pair was coming in and out of the vehicle before and after the explosion. And another video recorded the actual explosion. This eventually led to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arresting the pair.

Robert Stiss, 48, and Shane Perry, 34, were each arrested and taken to the Clark County Detention Center on several felony accounts, including possession of felony and the use of explosive devices for property damage. I went.

Police reported that Stiss told police that he was there when the incident happened and that Perry had detonated the bomb.

Stice told police that he didn’t know where Perry got and / or manufactured the device and showed that it was already assembled “as is.” Stice initially called the device a “fireworks”, but later admitted it was a pipe bomb. Stice also admitted that the pair didn’t want to start a fire in the desert. So they decided to throw it into the dumplings.

Stice apologizes for being involved in this. He also said he enjoyed the fireworks, but didn’t know it would be so noisy.

Police said Perry denied cheating and Stiss was behind everything.

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