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When Tom and Fat Ryan were washing the east looking for a house next door, they needed a town with a bookstore.

It wasn’t in Washington, but they couldn’t imagine living elsewhere, so they opened it.

Pamlico Books can now be called an award-winning operation.

May is National Preservation Month, and Washington City and National Association of Realtors member Scott Campbell will award the annual Lena K. Terrell Award in four categories.

Pamlico Books is the winner of this year’s Commercial Upfit after Ryans has completely reused the old Miracle Year Space on Market Street. The property was leased in November 2020, dismantling began in December, and the store opened in June 2021.

“It’s great so far,” said Tom Ryan. “Washington doesn’t have a bookstore, we wanted to be part of an easy-to-walk, cozy, and comprehensive community, so we wanted to fill the market gap. We’re happy to contribute to the continued improvement of Washington. . “

The couple moved from Cary last year after spending 15 years in the triangle. Tom has spent the last 20 years in the financial services industry, and Fat runs a college counseling service for high school students. Both are former teachers who love reading, so the bookstore was a must-see.

“After my visit, I couldn’t imagine not living here, so I decided to try something new and open a bookstore,” said Fat Ryan. “I am delighted and honored to receive this award. I am grateful for how much the community has supported us and hope to be here for a long time.”

The refurbishment was done by local construction company Stocks and Taylor, and the project manager was Hateras Brooks from Washington. Local artist Samantha Brinson painted the mural in the store.

This building opened as a general commercial building in 1908, and many tenants have moved in in the process. It was a family shoe store before Miracle Year moved and parts of the original building were covered over time.

“When we started, there was a suspended ceiling here, but I noticed that the original ceiling was beautiful,” said Fat Ryan. “I removed the front transom cover, turned on the lights, and completely redone the floor, ducts, and other upgrades. Hatteras and the crew did a great job, and Samantha’s murals are amazing.”

Rena K. Terrell was a founding member of the Washington History Conservation Commission, led the creation of the Historic District in the 1970s, and was the author of East Main Street’s neighborhood magazine, East Ender. Terrell is dedicated to preserving historical resources and assets, she is a member of the State Preservation Foundation, the National Preservation Trust, and a board member of the Historical Albemarle Tour. The award began in the 80’s and disappeared before Campbell and the city revived in 2012.

Pamlico Books is a great example of a tremendous rehab in a cornerstone building, “Campbell said. “They follow the guidelines, complete the project in a timely manner and are a great asset to our community.”

Pamlico Books wins Terrell Award – Washington Daily News Source link Pamlico Books wins Terrell Award – Washington Daily News

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