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Panama City, FL – 14-year-old Panhandle boy spreads patriotism throughout Walton County

Panama City, FL –

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – If you’ve driven Chat Holley Road, you’ve probably seen a patriotic merchandise display with Old Glory flying high.

Tyler Wilson is the 14-year-old behind the display and wanted to be sure the flag was flying high, especially on Saturday, the 20th anniversary of September 11.

Wilson has a great love for his country and wants to share this love with others.

“I like doing this because I’m doing it to show more support for America and I don’t know if I want to be more patriotic,” Wilson said. “I want to make America more patriotic.”

Wilson sets up a booth at the corner of Chat Holley Road loaded with American flags. However, it is not for profit, he turns around and buys more items to give to others.

Since last year’s election, he has gained a lot of support from the community, including special visitors who stopped by his booth on Saturday.

Members of Defuniak Springs VFW Post 4437 said it was refreshing to see someone of Wilson’s age so passionate about America.

“This is why we have all joined together to do what we have done so that he can come here and do what he wants to do and show his faith in his community and his faith in his country,” said the UASF Major Wade Wilmoth. “He’s the next generation – so that’s why we’re doing it.”

Army Staff Sgt. Nathan Hendrickson has said he hopes Wilson will do great things for this country.

“I hope he runs for governor, president whatever he wants to do,” said Hendrickson. “He’s young, he can do whatever he wants and see him here – keep it up Tyler.” You are an amazing guy and I think everyone in the community is ok with that.

Walton County resident Grace Orr stopped by on Saturday and said Wilson brings great joy to their community.

“His enthusiasm is contagious, every time we walk past it lifts everyone’s spirits, the kids love to see him, we wave, we honk, we absolutely can’t wait to see him here,” Orr said.

As for her mother, she is proud of her passion.

“He brings a little wheelbarrow with his things and his flags and he uses his chore money to get the flags and it’s just something that he is passionate about and it’s great to see him do his passion for which he is strong and I totally agree with him, ”said Jennifer Wilson.

14-year-old Panhandle boy spreads patriotism throughout Walton County Source link 14-year-old Panhandle boy spreads patriotism throughout Walton County

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