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Panama City, FL – ADHD Awareness Month, Part 3: Strengths and Lack of Awareness of the Disorder |

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Experts believe this genius, Albert Einstein, suffered from ADHD. If this is true, it shows that one can have the disorder and still grow taller to be incredibly successful in life.

My son could speak in full sentences before he could walk and recite an entire book of Dr. Suess before he could properly hold a fork. His brain was advanced in some areas, but was lacking in others.

Dr Christopher Sarampote, program officer at the National Institute of Mental Health, said children with ADHD have major strengths.

“They can be brilliant, and they can be creative,” Saramote said. “People are distracted by the problems children are going through. These kids are really funny, they are really super nice.

My son is a perfect example, he loves to make others laugh. At his preschool graduation party, they presented prizes and he received the “snickerdoodle” award for making everyone giggle.

“I think one of the strengths is creativity,” said John Claunch, 43, a father of two with ADHD. “When I have something that I’m really interested in, I focus on it a lot.”

Rita Olek, a mom of four with ADHD, said her 7-year-old twins are definitely on the creative side.

“Their personalities are starting to show up, they love music, they love to sing,” Olek said. “It’s very rewarding when they accomplish something.”

“When you have a kid who’s excited who can’t stop talking but wants to tell you what he’s thinking, it can be really fun and really cool,” Sarampote said. “These kids with the right support can really do amazing things.”

Claunch is a real estate agent and has stated that there are aspects of his career that work well with his disorder as he loves talking to people about houses.

“When I do research for someone looking for a home, when I see someone who is really emotionally involved in buying a home, like me, that’s something I can really dig in and be part of it and so it’s really fulfilling. respect, ”Claunch said.

Because the disorder is still so new, Sarampote said many children with ADHD are called troublemakers.

“Children with ADHD are often misunderstood, people think they are bad children or that they are children who don’t try hard enough,” said Sarampote.

“I obviously hadn’t behaved as well as the other kids and the problem was, the teachers really didn’t know anything about ADHD, so they just assumed I was a bad kid,” Claunch said.

My dad has ADHD and when he was a kid he was called the problem child. He said he had heard that he was so bad that subconsciously he started to believe in it and act on these behaviors.

“They get a lot of negative messages from the start. Sometimes kids can internalize this message, ”Saramote said. “And even sometimes they start to take on some of those attributes that are imposed on them because they believe it is true about themselves.

It’s no secret that kids love attention, but Saremote said kids with ADHD live for positive feedback and we should praise them twice as much as you punish them.

“It’s really important for adults and for others in a child’s life to kind of notice these strengths and the really positive things that they are doing and share them with them,” Saramote said. “Yeah, you have amazing superpowers, you’re amazingly creative. You are a joy “

“They like that praise, they like it a little more I think,” said Olek. “And the behavior charts mean a lot more to them than just your average kid, I think.”

Throughout the day my son earns stars which he can use for video games. He would do almost anything for a star.

“The truth is, this is a brain disorder,” Sarampote said. “Like everything in life, you won’t want to do more difficult things. They are just going to be more tiring and more frustrating.

As an ADHD mom, I face challenges that non-ADHD parents don’t and have even been judged by complete strangers for my son’s behavior.

“I think that’s an important message that people are hearing, that they are great kids, that they just work harder in some areas and we have to help them to make sure they are at their best,” he said. declared Sarampote.

My son is young and I know that some of our most difficult years are yet to come. But I try to remember that everyone’s parenting journey is unique. Some of us raise fish while others raise birds and we should never expect a fish to fly.

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