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Panama City, FL – Army veteran can’t use his medical equipment because of power outage

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JACKSON COUNTY, FL (WMBB– When strong winds and rain swept through Jackson County on Monday evening, Florida Public Utilities said about 4,000 people in the area lost power.

Mason Brock, who works for FPU, said he and his colleagues were doing their best to help everyone.

“It was a normal hurricane for us, you know, when blackouts happen regularly. You know, and whenever we have winds over 35 miles an hour, we can’t let our guys work; so everyone was called back and we couldn’t get out until the winds calmed down, ”said Brock.

Brock said once conditions were safe, workers stayed outside until 10:30 a.m. Monday night, then resumed at 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Some customers have priority during power outages.

“We always look for hospitals and things like that first if they’re released; which, fortunately, the hospital has not lost power. You know, areas like gas stations and things like that, but we usually go to the bigger areas first and then back out and make sure everyone is back, ”Brock said. .

For some people, power is essential. Jackson County residents like Jerry Tramel need electricity to access their medical equipment.

“I’m 70 years old and in pretty bad health – I sit here for 24 hours with no electricity and I actually have electrical machines that have to work because I have cancer and it hurts. heart, ”Tramel said.

Tramel says FPU told him to go to the ER, but the ER turned him back due to COVID.

He said he and several of his neighbors are veterans receiving palliative care.

“I’m so sorry for them, I wish I could go and fix their power, but if I don’t have one myself, by tonight I know my situation is going to turn out badly and I’m fighting somehow. so for another day here, you know. If I have to go, I don’t want it today, “Tramel said.

The FPU asks anyone in poor health to contact them so that they can be prioritized.

Tramel said it was a long process that could take months, months that he said he didn’t.

Army veteran can’t use his medical equipment because of power outage Source link Army veteran can’t use his medical equipment because of power outage

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