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Panama City, FL – Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies seize pounds of heroin and meth

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – On Tuesday, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office announced that it had seized 6.5 pounds of methamphetamine and 1.5 pounds of a mixture of heroin and fentanyl in a unit from the Callaway area. MPs also found hundreds of fake Oxycodone pills and over $ 28,000 in cash.

Prior to searching the storage unit, law enforcement found four ounces of crystal meth and a stolen gun at a house in East Bay County, which led to the search of the storage unit.

“You’re talking about thousands of doses of fentanyl heroin mixed with methamphetamine,” Sheriff Tommy Ford said. “And with fentanyl, we’ve talked time and time again about how deadly it is.”

Joseph Rogers, 30, was charged with six counts in the seizure, including trafficking in methamphetamine and heroin.

1.5 pounds of heroin is enough for over 1,200 doses, Ford said. Major drug seizures of heroin and fentanyl mixtures have become more frequent in recent years, Ford said.

“The amounts that we are seeing are only continually increasing,” said Ford. “I mean several years ago, to find to seize five to six pounds of heroin at an agency, at a local agency would be a little unheard of.”

Tuesday’s announcement was one of many major drug seizures throughout this year, Ford said. Less than two months ago the sheriff’s office found 3.6 ounces of fentanyl at a traffic stop – enough for 50 lethal doses.

The bust was headed by the Special Investigations Division, commanded by Lt. Kevin Francis. The division devoted four to six weeks to the investigation.

“Every day we collect information or collect intelligence about things like this,” Francis said. “Because it’s a plague on our society right now, it’s what is killing people every day here. “

Rogers was already serving time at the Bay County Jail on other drug charges he received in the first week of May.

Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies seize pounds of heroin and meth Source link Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies seize pounds of heroin and meth

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