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Panama City, FL – Cat lost after Hurricane Michael found 2 years later

Panama City, FL –

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – If cats have nine lives, a cat named Sinatra probably used a few. He got lost after his family’s home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael, but two and a half years later Sinatra found his way home.

“I wish he could talk,” Robin Vaughn said. “I wish he could tell us what he’s been doing for the past two years.

She and her wife, Angela Brown, both of whom are from the Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state region, lived in Panama City on October 10, 2018, as they braved Hurricane Michael.

“We were in an area that was told not to evacuate the day before so other people could come out, and about two hours before it hit land we all knew it was going to be really bad.” , Vaughn said.

The house Vaughn and his family rented was destroyed and they were trapped inside for days.

“Finally, some nice people cut the trees down and we were able to get out after four days,” Vaughn said. They eventually traveled to Clay, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana, to be with family.

Vaughn said they left their dogs and cats with his wife’s daughter, who had a home in Evansville at the time.

“And his daughter, a few days after Sinatra arrived, opened the door and he went out. So he did not know this neighborhood. And they looked for him, ”Vaughn said.

Even after they returned to Florida, people were looking for Sinatra.

“It went on for days and days and days that turned into weeks that turned into months,” Vaughn said, adding that they thought Sinatra had a microchip when he was spayed, but he was later found out that the vet had forgotten.

Brown posted on Facebook and had people looking for the cat.

“There were a lot of false hopes,” Vaughn said. “We were hopeful when someone found a cat that looked like him, then we checked it out in every detail and it wouldn’t be him, and it broke my heart to see her.” [Brown] cry and see our son, who Sinatra was his best friend.

Linda Walker, of Another Chance for Animals, reunited with Sinatra in December, more than two years after her disappearance.

“She found him a few miles from where that house was, where he was originally lost,” Vaughn said. “By the grace of God and good people in Evansville, Indiana, we brought him home.”

Sinatra’s family recently brought him home during their spring break. They say he’s bounced back into his normal routine like he’s never gone, and he doesn’t let them out of his sight.

Cat lost after Hurricane Michael found 2 years later Source link Cat lost after Hurricane Michael found 2 years later

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