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Panama City, FL – Community members join at Bay District Schools over masks

Panama City, FL –

PANAMA CITY, FLA, (WMBB) – Dozens of community members attended the Bay District School Board meeting to give their thoughts on the masks. Currently, there is no mask warrant, and Bay District Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt said there are currently no plans to implement a mask warrant for students or staff.

“I was the one who wanted all employees to wear masks,” Husfelt said. “And so the council voted not to do it. I’ve never been the type to think our students should wear masks. I have just read and read and read and still cannot see that masks are effective for children. “

While some parents, doctors and medical students have come to speak and support masks in schools, most parents are not in favor of mask mandates, Husfelt said.

“While I respect everyone’s opinion, I just know that our community, our parents, in large numbers don’t want their children to wear masks,” Husfelt said. “They just don’t do it.”

The only way Husfelt said he could see the masks being put on was another COVID spike in the area.

“I don’t see any masks coming back anytime soon as long as they maybe wear them,” Husfelt said. “I don’t want to see another peak. But God forbid we understand that, that’s when it would come back. “

Those who spoke out against a mask warrant waved American flags and held up signs in protest. Across the aisle from the Nelson Building, mask-friendly doctors were wearing their lab coats and masks.

“Before January of this year, so from December to January 2020, one in eight Americans was infected with the COVID virus,” said Dr Ahmad Rifai. “And one in 61 infected people have died and died from this virus. “

Community members join at Bay District Schools over masks Source link Community members join at Bay District Schools over masks

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