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Panama City, FL – COVID-19 up; Delta variant now dominant strain

Panama City, FL –

PANAMA CITY, Florida (WMBB) – COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Bay County and the new Delta variant is now the dominant strain in Florida and around the world.

The weekly number of COVID-19 has more than doubled in Bay County, with 580 new cases reported from July 8 to 15, according to the state health department. This is an increase from the 261 new cases of coronavirus reported the previous week.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Neil Kooy explained how the Delta variant is different from others.

“What we do know about the Delta variant is that it is more infectious, meaning people can get infected more easily, so person-to-person transmission can be greater.” , Kooy said.

Kooy said that in the past three weeks, the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 has increased from 3 to 17. He added that the vast majority of people hospitalized are not vaccinated.

Dr Rubina Azam, a certified pediatrician, said the increase was not surprising.

“We had the holiday weekend and then of course we have the very highly transmissible and very aggressive delta variant,” Azam said. “All of these factors together are leading to the surge in cases that we are seeing right now, but we expected it,” she continued.

Kooy said the Delta variant is still very sensitive to the vaccine, and while it may not have 95 percent effectiveness, she still sees 85 to 90 percent effectiveness from the vaccine.

A complete list of COVID-19 vaccination sites is available online at

COVID-19 up; Delta variant now dominant strain Source link COVID-19 up; Delta variant now dominant strain

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