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Panama City, FL – Crash investigation leads to battery arrest

Panama City, FL –

BAY COUNTY, FL (WMBB) – According to the Florida Highway Patrol, an FHP soldier was completing his investigation into a road obstruction accident on County Road 389 near 40e Plaza, while waiting for White’s Wrecker to remove the vehicle from the roadway, and it was reported that an altercation had occurred, according to Lt. Jason King.

Ronald Paul McGill, a 49-year-old man from Panama City, had become agitated about having to wait and wanted to try to get around the obstruction of the road and the tow truck driver to his destination, according to the soldier’s investigation.

McGill got out of his vehicle and confronted the tow truck driver and as passionate words were exchanged McGill slapped the tow truck driver on the left side of his face, King said.

The convenience store immediately withdrew from the situation.

At the end of the investigation into the incident other than the crash, McGill was arrested for battery charges and transported to Bay County Jail without further incident.

Crash investigation leads to battery arrest Source link Crash investigation leads to battery arrest

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