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Panama City, FL – DeFuniak is haunted by bats and residents want a solution

Panama City, FL –

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS Florida (WMBB) – On Halloween, thousands of cheaters will collect candy from historic DeFuniak springs under thousands of actual bats, a problem the city has seen.

Residents said bats entering their homes are a real problem. But experts said it was important for people to learn to coexist with winged creatures.

“If you walk into this area of ​​DeFuniak Springs on any given night, you will literally see thousands of bats,” said Chris Mitchell, public information manager for DeFuniak Springs City.

Officials in the town of DeFuniak said nearly 90 percent of homes in the historic downtown area were infested with bats. Including the library many years ago.

“Clean up the guano and remove the bats, but it’s a delicate process because they’re protected,” said Laura Moree, director of the DeFuniak library.

Unfortunately, bats love to come back.

“We recently discovered a bat,” she said.

So Moree and the library go through another round of mitigations. And the old Lakeside Hospital building may also need some work.

“I went up the steps and looked down and saw this bunch of brown stuff, then when I looked up I saw some oily brown stuff right at the top of the box,” said Mitchell said.

Although bats are a challenge, people need to learn to live with them because they help control mosquitoes.

The bat houses can be seen just outside the library at DeFuniak Springs. The inhabitants wonder if this is the solution to live with bats. In the meantime, wildlife officials continue to study bats and teach people how to safely and legally remove them from their property.

Wildlife officials spoke at the DeFuniak Citizen Services Exhibit at Chautauqua Hall to learn more about a solution to the bat problem visit their website.

DeFuniak is haunted by bats and residents want a solution Source link DeFuniak is haunted by bats and residents want a solution

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