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Panama City, FL – Destin holds grand opening for its first ever high school

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DESTIN, Florida (WMBB) – Destin High School had been a project in the works since 2016, when the City Council approved a Destin High School Advisory Committee.

After doing some research, the committee noticed that two of the high schools that the students of Destin attended were quite inconvenient.

Both Niceville High School and Fort Walton Beach High School were overcrowded.

On top of that, they both needed a bridge or two to get there. Sometimes these bridges were closed due to bad weather.

The public strongly supported this idea and from there the idea of ​​Prebble Ramswell took off.

“It really is an overwhelming feeling. It’s so many years of hard work, dedication and passion. So many people have wanted this for so long, ”said Ramswell, chairman of the board of trustees of Destin High School.

With the founding executive and board of directors established, Ramswell and others worked tirelessly to find a director.

“We did a nationwide search to find our director who is amazing and then she did most of the hiring for the faculty and the athletic director. Then the sporting director took care of the coaches, ”said Ramswell.

Principal Christine Cruickshank was the former assistant principal of the Niceville college high school.

She has been in teaching for 35 years.

“I didn’t think at this point in my career that I would start a school from scratch, but it was such an exciting experience,” said Cruickshank.

Destin High School will be teaching Grades 9 to 11 this school year.

Students like Bird Hinze are very keen on going to a school near their home.

“When I went to Collegiate, it was a two-hour morning and afternoon bus ride, so it was a bit awful,” said Hinze, a future shark from Destin High School.

The opening of Destin High School not only makes it easier for students to get around, but they have also implemented various professional study programs that are unlike any other in the state.

The board has run a program that includes career academies and courses on the topic of careers like boating, entrepreneurship and cybersecurity.

To learn more about the programs included, click here.

Destin holds grand opening for its first ever high school Source link Destin holds grand opening for its first ever high school

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