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Panama City, FL – Elderly Springfield resident’s decades-long battle with stormwater

Panama City, FL –

SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) – Juanita Jones is a 79 year old resident living on Huntington Drive in the Robindale subdivision of Springfield.

Her family says that the accumulation of rainwater in her garden can sometimes trap her in her home.

“Whenever it rains really hard, there is flooding here,” Jones’ granddaughter, Maria Richards said. “She can’t go out through her back door, her bedroom. Its porch is messy and its living room and other rooms impressive. Once his car was completely flooded.

Richards said his grandmother being older, it is all the more concerning that they cannot reach her.

“She can’t get out of her door, so I guess she has to be evacuated by EMS because no one can come in here and pick her up,” Richards said.

“It’s not fair for her to have to go through this every time it rains hard,” Jones’s daughter Cynthia Darling said. “We cannot reach it. She’s a senior and she has underlying illnesses and it’s just hard to get to her house when there is flooding here.

Darling said her mother had lived in the house for 43 years and did not understand why the problem persisted.

“It’s not fair that every homeowner here on this street or anywhere else is paying taxes and not being able to get any funding from anywhere else for the drainage system,” Darling said. “I know the money is here in the city, but where it’s going we don’t know.

The city of Springfield has said it is aware of the flooding problems in that area, which have lasted since construction in the late 1960s.

With rains this year well above the annual average, the city also cited this as a major contributing factor to the flooding.

They said they were quoting “Work diligently to improve the drainage system.”

Elderly Springfield resident’s decades-long battle with stormwater Source link Elderly Springfield resident’s decades-long battle with stormwater

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