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Panama City, FL – Fishermen getting a bonus Red snapper season this year

Panama City, FL –

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Florida (WMBB) – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reopens federal waters to for-hire fishermen from October 15 to November 6.

The season only applies to federal waters, which stretch nine to 200 miles off the coast of Florida.

NOAA officials determined that fishermen did not catch the annual quota of red snapper during the 63-day regular season this summer.

They created this second season to give them a chance to catch the remaining 670,000 pounds in this year’s quota.

For-hire fishing operations said this should be good for their businesses and bring many more visitors to the area.

Bob Zales II owns and runs the “Leo Too”, and he said he was happy to have more time to fish for red snapper as it boosts local business.

“When the red snapper comes in, the two month old red snapper, I mean it’s everyday,” Zales said. “The only thing stopping us for red snapper season is bad weather or an outage… Other than that, you fish for 60 days.”

Federal and state agencies began limiting catches of red snapper years ago, due to overfishing.

Due to the limitations, Zales said this makes the red snapper much more coveted.

“The government pretty much made the lure of fish. I mean they made the red snapper a gold standard because of how they managed to get one or two days to fish and then three months to fish or two months to fish, ”Zales said. “The audience thinks, ‘Okay, the red snapper must be a really good fish if they shut it up,’ so they’re going to be in a mad rush to catch the fish in two months. . “

Pam Anderson is Captain Anderson’s Marina Operations Manager, and she agreed with Zales.

“It has become the most popular fish here to catch… You go to different parts of the country and the world and you go to catch a certain species of fish,” Anderson said. “Here they come for the red snapper, and they’re generally pretty happy with what they get.”

Due to its popularity, spots fill up quickly for chartered red snapper fishing, so be sure to make reservations quickly if you want the chance to catch red snapper.

Fishermen getting a bonus Red snapper season this year Source link Fishermen getting a bonus Red snapper season this year

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