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Panama City, FL – Freeport is working on multi-million dollar improvement project

Panama City, FL –

FREEPORT Florida (WMBB) – The City of Freeport is working on plans for a multi-million dollar project.

The city will spend more than $ 13 million on upgrading septic tanks and sewers over the next few years. But city officials want it to happen as soon as possible.

“The more septic tanks there are, the more fecal coliforms enter our tributaries and bays,” said Charlie Simmons, City Manager of Freeport.

The City of Freeport is preparing for major septic and sewer upgrades along Corridor 331.

Without this upgrade, city leaders said the bays were in trouble.

“You will see the peach disappear,” said Simmons. “We are trying to grow it and take care of it, not destroy it.”

Simmons proposed their master plan to the state legislature and they were awarded a million dollars.

“The Corridor 331 project represents just over $ 6 million worth of projects,” he said. “The county has agreed to partner with us because at the end of the day we know it’s not a city issue but it’s county wide, it’s all our issues to protect the Bay. “

This sewer improvement project in Freeport will have four components, one of which will be located along McDaniels Fish Camp Road.

“We just offered a new $ 28 million processing plant,” Simmons said. “We just completed a $ 3.5 million project that actually makes it available to us. “

With the recent main force upgrades, the city is ready to go.

“And we’re excited to say we’ll finally be able to make this happen,” said Simmons.

With the growth they are starting to see at Freeport, Simmons said it was important to move forward and be proactive, getting improvements. He said the city would not have been able to do so without the help of the county and state.

Freeport is working on multi-million dollar improvement project Source link Freeport is working on multi-million dollar improvement project

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