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Panama City, FL – IRS warns of child tax credit-related scams

Panama City, FL –

(WTEN) – The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers against con artists who use child tax credit scams to steal money and information. They said any communication offering help enrolling in the program or speeding up payments is likely fraudulent.

Scammers can try to contact taxpayers by phone, email, text, or social media. The IRS said it does not contact people by email, text, or social media platforms.

“This tax credit is about immediately putting money in the hands of families, not fraudsters, who regularly target aid programs as a way to get rich,” said Ramsey E. Covington, Acting Special Agent in charge of the local Boston office. “By implementing a few basic steps, families who need these funds the most can protect themselves from the many scams that persist. “

The IRS said it won’t leave any pre-recorded, urgent or threatening messages. He also said aggressive calls warning of a trial or arrest are both scams and they will never ask for payment by gift card, wire transfer or cryptocurrency.

They also said they would not call taxpayers asking them to verify personal or financial information so that taxpayers can receive child tax credit payments.

To learn more about the monthly child tax credit payments, visit IRS website.

IRS warns of child tax credit-related scams Source link IRS warns of child tax credit-related scams

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