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Panama City, FL – Jackson County Officials Recognize Commissioner Spiers and Lockey for Decades of Consecutive Service |

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MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) – All eyes on tomorrow’s presidential election, local races are also on the ballot.

Some were decided during the primary in August. In Jackson County, Commissioner Willie Spiers hoped to serve one more term on the county committee, but lost in the primary election to his opponent, Alex B. McKinnie.

Spiers served as Jackson County’s premier district for nearly three decades. Officials have said he and Commissioner Chuck Lockey, who is also retiring, are the only county commissioners in Florida to sit consecutively on a committee for as long as they have been.

Spiers said that after serving Jackson County for 28 years, residents of his district would miss calling and asking for help.

“My attitude has always been that you live next door to me or live in the neighboring neighborhood, that I am just as responsible to the person who lives outside my neighborhood as I am to those who live in my neighborhood”, Spiers said.

Spiers said he initially ran 28 years ago because he saw children outside of Marianna not being able to participate in summer leisure activities due to the cost.

“So when I was elected, I was able to change that so that the $ 35 was sent to each municipality so that all the children could participate in the activities,” said Spiers.

During his tenure, Spiers said he also changed the time for one of the two regular committee meetings that were held each month from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“So people who were 8 to 5 year olds could come to county meetings and participate in county government,” Spiers said.

Spiers said he had also focused on keeping county government salaries competitive so people want to stay, serve and provide Jackson County residents with essential resources such as firefighters and EMS.

“And you know, medical services are very important to our county,” Spiers said.

Last week, Jackson County hosted a surprise parade to thank and honor Commissioner Lockey and Spiers for their tenure.

“And then we got people from all over the county,” Spiers said. “We had trucks, cars and motorcycles, everything was there. It was all there, it was truly a momentous occasion.

Commissioner Spiers said he plans to stay busy during his retirement. He is the Dean of General Studies, Social Sciences and Behavior at Chipola College where he also teaches a few courses. Spiers also has its own part-time counseling practice.

Commissioner Lockey, who has served District 3, is also retiring and was also honored in last week’s surprise parade, hosted and hosted by Jackson County officials.

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