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Panama City, FL – Local church stalled in rebuilding process

Panama City, FL –

After Hurricane Michael tore off the roof of Springfield Baptist Church and left it with damage too costly to repair, the church found itself in a game of waiting for approval to go forward.

Virgil Tillman, the Springfield Baptist pastor at the time of the hurricane, said FEMA gave the church a fixed offer of about 4.2 million, 3.1 million after taking their 25%.

But Tillman’s problem is that FEMA money goes through the state of Florida.

“The conflict we have is that Florida also owns 25 percent. And they’ll only reimburse us 75 percent, ”Tillman said.

He explained that the church is short of money as it is, so the multiple cuts taken affect them greatly.

“This is our fight right now. Again with the cash flow problem. It’s very difficult for a church our size, ”Tillman said.

Tillman said the next step is to find a bank willing to give them a loan on the property.

The plan is to tear down what’s left and rebuild.

“We have an idea of ​​what we want to build,” Tillman said. “It will be a lot smaller than what we have here. It’s over about 25,000 square feet. We don’t need that much space. We will be building smaller here on the same property. Not the same footprint but the same batch here and we are looking forward to this day. We can’t wait to come back ”

Since the hurricane, the congregation has met at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Panama City and will continue to do so until their new structure can be completed.

Local church stalled in rebuilding process Source link Local church stalled in rebuilding process

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