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Panama City, FL – Lynn Haven has reverted back to an ordinance from 1911

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – The municipal commissioners revive an ordinance of 1911 which restricts the use of the property.

They voted four to a Wednesday morning to prevent homeowners from dividing their Lynn Haven lots to accommodate more homes. But this will only affect certain households.

Over the past nine years, landowners and developers were able to divide plots of land, allowing them to build more than one house on their properties. Now that is no longer an option.

“The original homes in Lynn Haven were built in 1911, and these homes were of a particular size,” said Seat One Commissioner Brandon Aldridge. “They were very large lots.”

The ordinance required building land to be 15,000 square feet, and then the law changed.

Changes made in 2012 allowed landowners to divide their plots of land. Now these are back to what they were before 2012.

“Some of the concerns from residents were that the developers would flood the area with housing and put a lot of pressure on the storm water system,” Mayor Jesse Nelson said.

Thus, they overturned the ordinance by four votes to one. Aldridge voted against the change.

“First we need more affordable housing in Lynn Haven,” he said. “We don’t have a lot of affordable housing and that’s an area where you can build affordable housing. I didn’t really see why there was a rush to change things without having more input.

The ordinance comes into effect immediately. Since commissioners began considering the change in August, the city has received 17 requests to split plots.

To see the affected neighborhood, visit the City of Lynn Haven website or contact the planning department.

Lynn Haven has reverted back to an ordinance from 1911 Source link Lynn Haven has reverted back to an ordinance from 1911

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