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Panama City, FL – Lynn Haven stormwater issues persist as rain continues

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – Owners of two Lynn Haven neighborhoods disagree with each other over stormwater drainage issues.

One district is built higher than the other and the rainwater flows.

When Kristin Little and her husband bought their home in Camryn’s Crossing, there were woods behind their property.

Then, in 2018, a developer cleared the land to make way for the development of Andrew’s Plantation.

A small row of trees remained, separating the two quarters. When Hurricane Michael destroyed their fence and a few trees, few saw any problems.

“We noticed that Andrew’s Plantation was way higher than us and above us and that there really was no water retention between the two properties,” Little said. “There really is nowhere to go for water.”

Little claims runoff from Andrew’s Plantation ends up in his backyard.

She and her husband have installed sump pumps, gutters and additional French drains to combat the problem, with little success. She has now turned to Lynn Haven town officials for help.

Lynn Haven City Commissioner Judy Tinder said she understands residents’ frustrations, but believes it will take time to fully resolve the stormwater issue.

“I think it will take years, years before it ever gets contained and that’s just the truth,” Tinder said. “But as long as we take care of the funds that we get at the end of this year and the stormwater with those funds, I think we’re going to see a big difference.”

But that doesn’t provide much solace now for Little.

“I fight for my neighbors who get water inside their homes, who constantly have to put sandbags all the time because they just can’t get a break,” Little said. “It’s not just for me personally, but it’s for all of my neighbors here in this neighborhood.”

The approved stormwater assessment fee was included in the provisional budget adopted at last night’s committee meeting, which officials say will provide some relief.

Lynn Haven stormwater issues persist as rain continues Source link Lynn Haven stormwater issues persist as rain continues

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