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Panama City, FL – Passengers credit vaccine as reason behind feeling comfortable to fly

Panama City, FL –

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Northwest Florida Beaches Airport had its third best month ever in March, which means travel is resuming. In March 2020, the airport recorded just 64,398 arrivals and departures compared to this year, with 129,066 arrivals and departures in March 2021.

Sandra Monroe, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, has chosen Panama City Beach as the top vacation destination since the pandemic began in March.

“I had cabin fever,” Monroe said.

“It was great! I hadn’t seen my sister in six months and some of our friends had too. It was great for my mental health,” Monroe said.

Monroe is not the only one who chose the white sand beaches as the first destination of her flight, Janna Hoving from the Dallas area also decided to visit the area.

“I just heard great things about this northern part of the Panhandle and grew up in the Gulf region so it was just a new experience,” Hoving said.

In April 2020, airport officials said operations were down 95%, so the increase in passenger numbers is notable.

“We have seen a fairly good recovery compared to many other airports in the country. Everything about the beach or the wilderness seems to be the focus of airlines right now, and with our beaches we are making a big difference, ”said Parker McClellan, Executive Director of ECP Airport. .

Another reason could be the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, Monroe and Hoving both credited the vaccine as a reason to feel comfortable enough to fly.

“I feel like everything has been safe, I feel like they’ve taken some social distance, everyone is wearing a mask, which is awesome, and I feel pretty at the comfortable, ”Monroe said.

McClellan said he anticipates this increase in travelers will only increase during the summer season, so he encourages those planning a vacation to be patient and arrive at the airport early with a mask in hand. .

“I think this summer will be remembered whether it breaks records or not, I don’t want to go say it, but I’m going to say we’re going to do really well this summer,” McClellan said.

Passengers credit vaccine as reason behind feeling comfortable to fly Source link Passengers credit vaccine as reason behind feeling comfortable to fly

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