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Panama City, FL – PCB Fire Department warns of heat exhaustion risks

Panama City, FL –

CITY OF PANAMA, FLA. (WMBB) – Panama City Beach Fire Department warned of the risk of heat exhaustionbecause it was over 100 degrees on Friday.

Firefighter Daryl Paul said heat exhaustion is more likely during the summer heat.

“From hotels to the beach to the sports complex, you know anywhere,” Paul said. “If you don’t hydrate, heat exhaustion and heat stroke will take hold of you.”

The best way for people to stay hydrated is to simply drink water. As soon as people wake up in the morning, Paul recommends drinking water to “prehydrate”.

However, older people are more likely to get dehydrated faster, Paul said. Unlike younger ones, their body doesn’t register that they are becoming dehydrated so quickly, which can lead to heatstroke.

“The effects of heat exhaustion and heat stroke would likely hit them much sooner than maybe like, say, a younger person, in their thirties or forties,” Paul said. “They may be able to sustain themselves a little longer than an elderly person or as a toddler.”

The Panama City Beach Fire Department responds to calls for heat exhaustion on beaches, where many visitors are unaccustomed to the heat and humidity.

Tourists don’t always realize they’re getting dehydrated in salt water, Paul said. Once they are out of the gulf and onto the beach, heat exhaustion can become more severe.

“If you are in the water you don’t really feel the effect of dehydration because you are in this cooler water that you know, but you know if you go out and sit in the sun it is okay. hit you, ”Paul mentioned.

When tourists bring soda and alcohol to beaches, they are more likely to become dehydrated. But some counteract these desiccants with water.

“We drink three or four bottles of water before we get out of here,” said Cade Medlin, from Texas. “And then we keep water in the cooler.”

PCB Fire Department warns of heat exhaustion risks Source link PCB Fire Department warns of heat exhaustion risks

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