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Panama City, FL – Police look for Kesha Roberts as Manning mess unfolds

Panama City, FL –

PANAMA CITY, Florida (WMBB) – In June, Terri Manning was charged with child abuse through willful torture in the form of starvation, child abuse resulting in mental harm and child abuse through aggravated bodily harm.

New developments in the case have shown that there is more to the story.

Manning and his girlfriend, Kesha Roberts, both face charges related to a fraud and theft scheme.

“They made up this story that one of their daughters and their grandchild, an unborn grandchild, was in a car accident and the grandchild was on life support and eventually died. It was all wrong, ”said Ken McVay, PCPD’s public information officer.

McVay said Manning and Roberts were reportedly able to get many people to donate money.

McVay said they knew at least four people who said they fell victim to Manning and Roberts’ lie.

“Photos were actually sent to the victims of a child in intensive care who did not exist,” McVay said.

McVay said detectives checked Manning’s phone and social media records.

They found photos that were sent to victims as well as Internet searches for “children in intensive care.”

“In this particular case, there are eight felony arrest warrants. Four for theft and four for the fraud scheme for Kesha Roberts and of course Manning is in jail and these additional charges have been laid against him, ”McVay said.

However, they are looking for Roberts.

McVay said he believed she left town after Manning’s arrest, but that she may still be in contact with residents of Bay County.

If you or someone you know has any information about this case, the police will ask you to contact them.

Police look for Kesha Roberts as Manning mess unfolds Source link Police look for Kesha Roberts as Manning mess unfolds

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