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Panama City, FL – Prosecutors suggest more charges coming for GAC and former Lynn Haven Commissioner

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – Sometimes it seems like every time federal prosecutors talk about the Lynn Haven corruption case, they reveal new evidence or an alleged crime.

The prosecution recently responded to a slew of queries from defendants in the Lynn Haven corruption case. This case accused nine people of corruption. Five have pleaded guilty and one trial for four other defendants; Phoenix Construction owner James Finch, former Lynn Haven mayor Margo Anderson, former city attorney Adam Albritton and former city commissioner Antonius Barnes are scheduled for August.

You can read that answer here:

While defending their theory that Lynn Haven’s bribery is part of a single scheme, prosecutors used a footnote to allege yet another suspicious incident in the city. Incident Involves Barnes and Company A. News 13 previously identified Company A as Gulf Asphalt Company. The footnote says GAC provided free driveway and hurricane repairs to Barnes’ property while the company sought contracts with the city.

Here is the full footnote:

“The replacement indictment does not charge the defendant Barnes with accepting bribes in connection with the hurricane clean-up. But the absence of an allegation in an indictment does not necessarily mean the non-existence. The government anticipates that a substantial amount of evidence in addition to the prosecution allegations will demonstrate the common purpose, interdependence and overlap of participation.

For example, the evidence indicates that the owner of Company A (to whom defendant Albritton fraudulently secured a chip disposal company and who agreed to let defendant Finch dispose of some of the chips) provided a free driveway and hurricane repairs on defendant Barnes’ property while Company A sought contracts with the City. This is an example where the single / multiple conspiracy issue is appropriately left to the determination of a jury, and subsequent appellate consideration of whether the evidence reasonably supports a finding of a. jury regarding a single plot. “

GAC was appointed in several subpoenas issued to local municipalities and schools in the Bay District. However, no one from the GAC has been formally charged or charged with a crime in this case.

Prosecutors suggest more charges coming for GAC and former Lynn Haven Commissioner Source link Prosecutors suggest more charges coming for GAC and former Lynn Haven Commissioner

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