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Panama City, FL – Remembering the legacy of Lynda Griffin: the songbird of Bay County

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BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – Some people leave a lasting impact on our lives. For many in Bay County that person was Lynda Griffin.

Just over a year ago, Griffin lost his life to COVID-19, but not before sharing his talent, wisdom and love.

Those who knew Griffin say she was one of a kind. They say she was selfless and a woman of faith. She was a Christian woman, a prayer warrior. Her friend Beverly Waddell said she always puts others first.

“No matter who you were, she loved you, no matter who you were, she was kind to you,” Waddell said.

Griffin’s relatives say she has dedicated her life to the Bay County community.

Griffin’s cousin Sharon Shefflid said she enjoys helping those in need

“If a child needed a pair of shoes, she would go and buy them for them,” Sheffield said.

Leon Miller taught Griffin in grades 7 and 8. He watched her grow up and said she liked to put a smile on someone’s face.

“Lynda was a person who had a personality that she wanted to spread joy to the whole community,” Miller said.

Later in Griffin’s life, her friend Robert Waddell said she started making cards for her friends, people who are sick or just in need of a little comfort.

“If there was a birthday if there was a vacation, Lynda would make cards on her own without anyone paying for it,” Waddell said. “That’s the kind of person she was.”

Her friend Valerie Mincey said she remembered the day she received a card from Griffin when she needed it.

“There were times when I was going through things and going home and in the mail there was a Lynda card,” Mincey said.

Griffin brought people together through his role with the Rosenwald High School Alumni Association, his work with local charities, and his time at church.

She has been invaluable both personally and professionally.

But what she was best known as the Bay County songbird. Those who heard him sing described his voice as angelic, melodious and rare.

Griffin started singing when she was young. She performed as a “Singing Commodore” at Gulf Coast State College.

Then later at events for Lynn Haven City, Panama City, Nursing Homes and more.

Vickie Gainer is the city manager of Lynn Haven and a friend of Lynda. She said people would come to town events and just be in awe of Griffin’s voice.

“A lot of times when we are planning events the first thing we would say is okay, we first have to see if Lynda is available and if Lynda is not available then that is our second choice,” Gainer said. .

Griffin’s voice was a gift. People say she was captivating, personal, and felt every word that came out of her mouth.

Her friend Joyce Smith said she doesn’t sing for fame or recognition.

“It wasn’t about money, wealth or anything helping someone that she was rich because of it,” Smith said.

On August 5, 2020, the COVID-19 virus claimed the life of Griffin. His sudden death shocked all who loved him.

Jeff Ccalf, the senior pastor of the St. Andrews Assembly of God, this has been difficult for many in the church.

“Our hearts were just broken and sorrowful because man, she left a big hole in the lives of a lot of people,” Scarf said.

His friends say we have lost a pillar of the community.

Griffin has had a strong spirit throughout his life.

Randolph Philips said that after all she has done to give back to the community, many have realized that now is the time to do this songbird service.

“I knew Lynda knew enough people in Bay County to fund a scholarship,” Phillips said. “I knew what it would take to have one and we decided to go ahead and do it and we did.”

It’s called the “Lynda Griffin Memorial Scholarship”.

It will be awarded annually to a singer commodore who shares Griffin’s gift for music. Janice Lucas, executive director of the LEAD Coalition and friend of Griffin, said it was a perfect way to honor Griffin’s life.

“The scholarship is Lynda Griffin, it gives,” Lucas said. “It helps someone achieve something.”

The college has just named the first recipient of the award. Her name is Jennifer Carinhas.

Thanks to this scholarship, Griffin’s legacy will continue.

A heritage of love, generosity and faith.

With the hope that future generations will know who Lynda Griffin is.

“People who don’t know her with this scholarship would get to know her and I think that’s important,” Waddell said.

Griffin has marked many lives with his angelic voice, his lessons and his friendship. Griffin’s goddaughter, Trina Hill, said she will never forget him.

“You don’t find it often and when you want to cherish it,” Hill said.

Those who love her want to tell her that they miss her, thank her and will strive to live like her to see her again one day.

September 26 is Lynda Griffin’s birthday. She would have been 73.

Remembering the legacy of Lynda Griffin: the songbird of Bay County Source link Remembering the legacy of Lynda Griffin: the songbird of Bay County

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