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Panama City, FL – Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club celebrates grand reopening

Panama City, FL –

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – The 85-acre Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club hosted a groundbreaking ceremony and tournament for the grand reopening of its private beach club…

Locals gathered for a tournament to celebrate the reopening of the Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club.

“It’s a total transformation, and I’m kind of kidding, who knew we were going to build a new golf course. Everything has been covered. All the tees, fairways, greens, drainage and even more open spaces, ”said Bill Bergin of Bergin Golf Designs.

Bergin said the multi-million dollar renovation was designed to include more white sand and to carry the 30A gulf breeze to the golf course.

“See the contrast between the white sand, the natural spaces and these magnificent green fairways. So we’re very excited about it and on top of that the golf course is going to play really well too. But when you step out here you are struck by how it looks and this contrast between the beach and the pretty green grass and the golf course. So it’s a great combination, ”said Bergin.

The unique golf course design is much more playable for the average golfer, while still being rugged for an elite golfer.

Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club President Robert Reeder said after struggling for a while, reopening the golf course was the best decision they’ve ever made.

“Our goal is to make this the friendliest and best golf course in the area and I think we’ve taken a big step to make it happen,” said Reeder.

The new course includes a short play area, which they call “The Loop”, which is a short six-hole par three course.

“I told the members that we felt like we added 15 acres of property to this golf course and we have,” said Bergin.

The golf club has been open for 50 years and the staff are happy to keep the course alive.

The club is an 18 hole par 72 golf course.

“He was transformed. it’s a new golf course, ”said Bergin. “It just turned out he was on the same pitch as before. “

Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club celebrates grand reopening Source link Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club celebrates grand reopening

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