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Panama City, FL – Santa shortage looms as holidays draw near

Panama City, FL –

(Nation Now) – He knows if you’ve been bad or good, but Santa is going to need help before the roaring fire on Christmas morning.

It looks like 2021 will be particularly difficult for the Man in Red as the demand for pre-Christmas tours is so high and there just aren’t that many people ready to put on white beards and play the role of Santa Claus.

According to, the workforce of happy elves who dress up and become Santa Claus for kids to sit on his knees or tell them what toy they want is down 15% while the need is is up 120% from pre-pandemic levels, according to

The differences this year are twofold. Santas tend to be in the high risk category for COVID-19 and some are not ready to take the risk. Second, people are more comfortable with the virus than a year ago, when Santa was virtual or behind glass, 6 feet away.

“Last year it was a physical barrier. We put 6 by 6 plexiglass barriers. We run hundreds of them across North America, ”said Mitch Allen, founder and chief elf at during an appearance on“ Monday ”.Morning in america. “” This year those barriers have come down, so that’s the good news. “

“But, this is about social distancing. Most places have Santa Claus in a chair and the kids are 6 feet away in a well ventilated area. So there is no physical contact between the two, “Allen said,” and we hope that will reduce the spread of COVID and the flu this year. “’s request is to be flexible when requesting a Santa Claus and also to consider possibly having a second year of virtual tours from the big guy.

There is always that third option of asking mom or dad to get dressed.

Santa shortage looms as holidays draw near Source link Santa shortage looms as holidays draw near

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