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Panama City, FL – Some Jackson County roads are getting a touch-up

Panama City, FL –

MARIANNA, Florida (WMBB) – Roads and bridges officials said they were excited about the county’s approval to go ahead on several road projects.

Collins Road, Syfrett Road, and Shiloh Church Loop in Jackson County District 2 are some of the streets that are undergoing a touch-up.

“They’re going to be chip sealed,” said interim director of roads and bridges Rett Daniels. “They won’t be your traditional paving, but they are currently in earth, so everything is an improvement on that.”

The seal is a preventative maintenance treatment that seals cracks, creates a new tread surface and prolongs the life of the pavement.

“It will help seal some of those cracks. This will help water to get into the platform itself later, to avoid creating those cracks and potholes, ”said Public Information Officer Dylan Bass.

Daniels said flooding is a common problem on these dirt roads, so they will be making improvements to help with drainage.

“Getting in and being able to build drainage structures, proper ditches, and then put a good hard surface on the highway run is going to benefit a ton of people in this community,” Daniels said.

Daniels said he was working with an engineering technician to verify contracts and determine the schedule.

He said he hopes to start construction in the next few weeks.

Some Jackson County roads are getting a touch-up Source link Some Jackson County roads are getting a touch-up

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