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Panama City, FL – Tyndall launches new ‘Skyborg’ tech

Panama City, FL –

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (WMBB) – The US Air Force touts its technology after a successful test flight using the new “Skyborg” system.

“The Skyborg management team conducted a two hour and ten minute flight test on April 29 of the Skyborg Central Range System (ACS) aboard a Kratos UTAP-22 tactical unmanned vehicle at Tyndall AFB, Florida, ”officials wrote in a press release.

The press release stated that the unmanned vehicle had performed a series of fundamental behaviors necessary to characterize the safe operation of the system.

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“The ACS demonstrated basic aeronautical capabilities and responded to navigation commands, while responding to geo-fencing, adhering to aircraft flight envelopes and demonstrating coordinated maneuvers,” they added. “It was monitored both from the airborne command and control stations and on the ground.”

The Skyborg Vanguard team combines Brig. General Dale White, Program Officer for Fighter and Forward Aircraft as Skyborg PEO, and Brig. General Heather Pringle, Air Force Research Laboratory Commander as Skyborg Technology Officer (TEO). The 96e Test Wing, under the direction of Brig. General Scott Cain, serves as the enforcement agent for these test missions.

The US Air Force touts its new Skyborg technology. (Source – US Air Force)

“We are extremely excited about the successful flight of an early version of the ‘brain’ of the Skyborg system. This is the first step in a marathon of gradual growth in Skyborg technology, ”said White. “These initial flights kick off the campaign of experimentation that will continue to mature ACS and build confidence in the system.”

Those who live near Tyndall can see the Skyborg system in play as the Air Force, “begins a sequence of experimentation events planned over the next few months.”

“Through this operational experimentation campaign, AFRL is leaning forward to secure early engagement with the fighter to provide a full mission autonomy suite on a relevant timeframe,” said Pringle. “AFRL is proud to develop this force multiplier for the US Air Force with our partners from PEO Fighters and Advanced Aircraft and the 96th Test Wing.”

They added that this was the first time that an active autonomy capability had been demonstrated on an Air Force test range, and that it was a first step towards the integration of these aircraft in a complex operational environment.

In the coming months, the team plans to demonstrate “the direct manned-unmanned association between manned aircraft and multiple unmanned aircraft controlled by ACS.”

They added that “Skyborg will provide the basis on which the Air Force can build an autonomous system of better quality airborne systems that adapt, orient and decide at machine speed for a wide variety of applications. ‘increasingly complex sets of missions.’

Tyndall launches new ‘Skyborg’ tech Source link Tyndall launches new ‘Skyborg’ tech

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