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Panama City, FL – Vandalization in Bay District Schools

Panama City, FL –

PANAMA CITY, Florida (WMBB) – A social media challenge is causing problems for schools across the country, including schools in the Bay District. The school district is asking parents for help in teaching students not to vandalize.

Middle and high school students are vandalizing bathrooms and posting videos on TikTok. School officials said the vandals were harming other students by wasting soap and toilet paper.

“We have to make them understand that you are going to get caught first and that you will have to suffer the consequences,” said Superintendent Bill Husfelt. “We just want our kids to do it, we know they’re going to make stupid, stupid mistakes. We all do it when we are young. And we just have to remind them that it has consequences. “

Surveillance cameras are not allowed inside the toilets, so the district has placed cameras in the hallways outside the toilets to identify vandals.

Vandalization in Bay District Schools Source link Vandalization in Bay District Schools

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