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Panama City, FL – WCSO still actively investigating last week’s shooting

Panama City, FL –

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) – On Monday, November 29, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a person with a gunshot wound on Old Landfill Road in DeFuniak Springs.

A number of sources confirmed to News 13 that the person with the gunshot wound was 20-year-old Troy McHenry.

But Walton County Sheriff’s Deputies are not disclosing details, saying this is an active investigation.

“We have a potential violation of Marsy’s Law because we need to identify if someone is a victim and we don’t want to get in trouble with Marsy’s Law, but there is also always a potential for a problem. field in the event that there are multiple firearms involved, “said Captain Dustin Cosson of the Criminal Investigations Bureau of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.” In this case, we have some kind of reason to believe that ‘ there might be more guns involved because there were, but that doesn’t mean that several people were shot. “

Marsy’s Law is an exemption from the Florida Public Records Act that protects the identity of victims.

It also means that authorities are not disclosing the circumstances surrounding the shooting itself.

McHenry has received several trespassing warnings, and it appears to authorities that there has been an affair between him and the other parties involved.

At the time of the shooting, McHenry was out on bail on charges of aggravated assault with a fatal weapon, bodily harm and impaired driving.

His injuries were not life threatening and he was released from the hospital.

Investigators said the incident posed no threat to the public.

“It was an isolated incident,” Cosson said. “All the parties involved have been taken into account and we think we’ve identified them all and again, it’s on all sides of the spectrum. Suspect but also potential victim and persons of interest.

Authorities also confirmed that the other parties have a history with law enforcement.

WCSO still actively investigating last week’s shooting Source link WCSO still actively investigating last week’s shooting

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