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Panama City, FL – Weather Forecast 10-15-21

Panama City, FL –

Friday is going to be about as gorgeous as the entire work week has been. We remain in a warm area, with flows coming out of the south and west today, it will make the afternoon stickier, but the chances of rain are still minimal.

On Saturday cloud cover and scattered showers and thunderstorms will be the main weathers throughout the first half of the day, but the leading edge of the cold front does not pass until around 3 p.m. The drought returns thereafter.

Cooler temperatures set in on Sunday and Monday, in the form of an arctic air mass, and the northern flow pushes readings down to the mid-1970s for the afternoon and the mid-1950s for the afternoon. the night.

Temperatures for next week remain slightly below average, but are gradually warming up. No chance of rain until Wednesday or Thursday.

The tropics are calm, despite an area of ​​minor low pressure north and east of the Caribbean. The area of ​​interest has a 10% probability of development over the next 5 days.

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