Pandemic activity turns into weekly cooking competition at The Exchange – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-06-04 15:14:52 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Thursday’s slowdown began as a fun cooking contest with friends at home during quarantine. Today, it’s held weekly at The Exchange, with knockout-style tournaments.

Cookoff operates in the same way as Food Network’s cooking show Chopped. Contestants are given to cook an hour’s meal.There you need to use four different fresh foods that are served locally Produced by Dagon, Craft beer selected by the bar, surprising protein ingredients. Next, the chef presents the dish to the judges, the judges score and the winner is selected.

Exchange Executive Chef Tony Nichols said: “It’s a lot of fun. Everyone really enjoys it and is excited.”

It was a work that started at home, but it was a big hit when it was released all at once. According to Nichols, dozens of people come to see the chef’s competition every week, and the bar is equipped with cameras and monitors that allow people to watch in the bar’s lounge area. The best part is that they can also eat food.

“Athletes cook three appetizer-sized pieces for judges and allow the general public to sample about 20 other parts for free. Therefore, anyone can participate at any time.

Devan Hoelscher and Shanda Cunningham are Del Mar College culinary students competing as a team in the semifinals of the competition on Thursday. One day they attended a meeting on the exchange, learned about the competition and decided to sign up.

“We were invited to school and met chef Tony, who said,’We need some people for the competition.’ who “I signed with,” Hoelscher said, pointing at Cunningham.

Del Mar’s duo played in the semi-finals against Matt Hall, who has no culinary background.

“I love cooking, my parents are enthusiastic chefs, and my whole family, who grew up in England, loved to grow and cook their produce in the garden. I’m just passionate about food. I have it, “Hall said.

After last year’s pandemic, participants are happy to enjoy an event like this.

“It’s great just to get out and work out and eat at a restaurant. It’s fun to have an event like this,” Hall said.

“Diversity, the challenge of creating something, and just being in public is fun,” Helscher said. “And you have the ability to meet new people, compete, and try and cook new things that you probably won’t get in your daily life,” Cunningham added.

The contest starts every Thursday night at The Exchange at 7:30. The final of the current tournament is June 10th, but a new tournament will start next week.

Nichols said: “There are already people signing up for the next tournament, so as long as people want it, it will continue,” Nichols said.

Those interested in signing up for the competition can contact Nichols through The Exchange. Facebook page..

Pandemic activity turns into weekly cooking competition at The Exchange Source link Pandemic activity turns into weekly cooking competition at The Exchange

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