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Pandemic has some questioning their alcohol habits – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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We have repeatedly discussed the issues of psychological and substance abuse caused by pandemics, but some other groups have questioned the issues.

“So if you’re at home, at risk of drinking, stressed or worried, we’re all worried that it’s natural. We. Most of them can actually develop “gray area” drinking, “said Dr. Bankole Johnson, a neuroscientist at Adial Pharmaceuticals.

Johnson is an addiction expert working on a remedy for alcohol use disorders. According to him, “gray area” drinking usually begins as stress-relieving drinking and gradually increases in frequency.

Drinkers in the “gray area” tend to be more affected by the morning and after-sales, and can eventually develop serious alcohol use disorders.

“But the transition from normal to abnormal or excessive drinking can take weeks, and for some people it can take days,” Johnson said.

Johnson says this is currently a particular problem for women, as they are exposed to more stress and responsibility during the pandemic. And they could be more secret drinkers.

“And that gray area is like the people who were asking those questions getting even grayer, as I have nowhere to go and others are drinking a lot,” Emily Lynn said. Lynn Paulson said: Founder of Sover Mum Squad.

Sober Mom Squad is a community of non-drinking women who support each other.

According to Paulson, the pandemic has caused some women to question unprecedented drinking.

“I really don’t blame anyone. No one, with the exception of the alcohol company, provided any relief or assistance to their mother. And your choices were stressful and your girlfriend was using Zoom. And if you drank together and had a sense of companionship, it was no wonder, no wonder, and it became more of a problem for some people, “Paulson said.

Alcohol use disorders A series of questions Developed by the World Health Organization. Sober Mom Squad gathered at Zoom Facebook group..

Pandemic has some questioning their alcohol habits Source link Pandemic has some questioning their alcohol habits

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