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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-09-27 16:50:12 –

Chicago(NewsNation Now) — Remember the good old days of 2020. Toilet paper was sold on eBay for $ 5 a roll, and the grocery shelves seemed to have no necessities forever … and were you baking flour?

The days of rarity are here again, but this time the cause is not the millions of people who suddenly have to flush, eat, cook, and entertain at home while being blocked. The problem is that everything from freighters to supply chain tractor trailers that bring everything to local stores is seriously lacking.

Labor shortages caused by pandemics have occurred everywhere, including truck drivers, sailors, dock workers, and cargo handlers.

Retail giant Costco has restricted customer purchases of toilet paper, bottled water, and cleaning supplies to the kind of bare shelves seen by almost every other major retailer seen in the early stages of the pandemic. I’m trying to prevent it.

Costco’s chief financial officer, Richard Galanti, did not provide details in Thursday’s earnings announcement, but said there would be restrictions.

The prices of overseas shipping containers are soaring, Christmas decoration There is a shortage. Toy industry experts advise you to get a holiday gift for kids right now, as you may have everything you see in stores today between now and December.

Like all industries, the shipping industry is adopting as soon as possible. However, training a trailer truck driver takes considerably longer than a pizza cook. Cargo ship crane operators require far more practice than local Irish bar servers. Wage offers are rising and recruitment bonuses are boosting applicants’ ranks, but getting relief on US store shelves takes time.

Pandemic shortages return: Costco limiting purchases Source link Pandemic shortages return: Costco limiting purchases

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